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Legal History

1857. First Law criminalizing pornography was Lord Campbell's Act Obscene Publications Act. Lord Campbell was the Chief Justice at the time and justified his ruling, assuring that it was "...intended to apply exclusively to works written for the single purpose of corrupting the morals of youth and of a nature calculated to shock the common feelings of decency in any well-regulated mind."

Basic law: ban of any material "intended" to corrupt.

1868. Sir Alexander Cockburn amended the definition of obscenity in appeal to include "...whether the tendency of the matter charged as obscenity is to deprave and corrupt those whose minds are open to such immoral influences and into whose hands a publication of this sort may fall."

Case: Regina v. Hicklin. Banned "The Confessional Unmasked," an anti-catholic book.

Basic law: ban of any material that may corrupt, whether intended or not.

1873. U.S. adopts U.K. standard and also added the ban of anything discussing birth control or abortion.

1930. Law amended to include the overall work instead of out of context sections. This was clarified through two incidents. Mary Ware Dennet was charged with obscenity for a sex education book and James Joyce's Ulysses was stopped at the U.S. border.

1957. Roth v. United States. Stated that obscenity was not protected by the First Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Justice William Brennan declared all forms of pornography as "prurient" and without social value.

1984. Traci Lords makes her first adult film, "What Gets Me Hot." She was born Nora Louise Kuzman on May 7, 1968, and was 15 at the time. She made over 20 movies and numerous magazine appearances, including the famous Penthouse that also featured Vanessa Williams. She was arrested with the owners of X-citement Video.

All charges were dropped. The identification she used was a U.S. Passport with the name of Traci Lords so the owners were not liable and as a minor, Traci was not accountable.

Traci received a total of $35,000 for 20 movies and $5,000 for penthouse, which she smartly blew on drugs and a sweet black corvette that her boyfriend soon totaled. [edit] Pornography Laws Around the World

Most countries have some degree of legislation against child pornography and pornography in general, but this varies greatly.

Bulgaria : Hardcore pornography is "not recommended" to minors, and all other pornography is commonly available, including on television.

Denmark : First country in the world to legalize hardcore pornography. Age of consent is 15.

Finland : 15 years old to purchase soft core pornography. 18 for hardcore pornography.

Germany : Parents are allowed to show hardcore pornography to children for educational reasons. Soft core pornography is not restricted. Age of consent is 14. Pornography with Kids younger than this age is called child pornography, and is illegal. Pornography with persons between 14 and 18 is so called youth pornography and was legal until 2008, november. political situation in germany is very problematic at the moment... but keep in mind, it is allowed to have sex with 14yo. Mainstream-media complains about teenagers having too much sex. (What is not true for most teanagers, but only for some of them)

Hungary : Pornography under the age of 18 is illegal. According to law, sexual acts are considered legal beyond 14. In practice, people are quite conservative here, most of them still judges sexual acts inappropriate under 18yo.

India : Pornography in any form is illegal, although enforcement is low. Even kissing is considered a scandal on television.

Iran : Production of pornography is punishable by death.

Ireland : Age of consent is 17, and at 17 it's legal to watch and appear in hardcore pornography. Pornography depicting those under 17 is illegal, and this applies even to cartoons and fictional textual stories, and even if the underage person is depicted as merely watching and isn't directly involved!

Japan : Although pornography is common in Japan, it has gone through a number of censorship and content changes that are unique. All nudity and pornography was censored to not show pubic hair until the early 1990's, and is still commonly used. Child nudity magazines from Russia and across Asia were commonly available in Japan until 2000, and can still be found. Manga and Animé material often includes underage children in sexual situations and an entire industry has risen known as "lolicon" and "shotacon", which depicts simple child nudity to hardcore alien monster cock penetration of four year old kitty girls. Curiously, Japan defines no age of consent.

Netherlands : Pornography is rated for viewers 16 years and older. Bestiality banned in 2010.

People's Republic of China : Pornography banned in 2002.

Poland : Pornography is fully legal and can be viewed by those 18 years and older.

Russia : Legality is dependent on locality and local officials and probably a bit of cash. Although production, selling and distribution of child pornography and selling is illegal there is no law against possession. Russia was a common producer of child nudity sites in the 1990's and early 2000's such as LS Studio, Lolita Fix and more.

Sweden : No age limit for viewing pornography.

United Kingdom : In terms of pornography anything considered indecent (photograph/movie or pseudo-photograph or collage or drawing) of anyone who IS under 18 or appears to be so is strictly forbidden.As far as actual sex (or indecency) is concerned nothing involving anyone over 16 (the age of consent) is prosecuted, with the exception of cases involving an adult in a "position of authority" over the child, E.g father/daughter and teacher/student relationships when the age of consent is 18 - except in the last mentioned example when the parties are married or were in a pre-existing relationship. Under the last Labour government the age of consent for any sexual act occurring in private was set at 16 (previously there had been differing ages of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex) whilst pornography laws were extended to the age of under 18. The tabloid newspaper The Sun (amongst others) did occasionally have 16 yr old girls topless on its famous Page 3. At one point this led to a front page headline condemning the "pedo-scum" of a student teacher relationship, when the girl in question was older than the girl featured topless on the next page, soon to become an "indecent image of a child." [edit] Commonly Used Categories and Terms Related to Child Pornography

   * Baby: 0-1 year old
   * Toddler: 1-3 years old
   * PT/Preteen: 3-12 years old (up to early pubescence)
   * Child: 3-12 years old (always refers to prepubescent)
   * Loli/Lolita: 9-14 years old and female: "nymphet"
   * JB/Jailbait: 13-17 years old (not considered real child porn)
   * Pedophile: someone attracted to prepubescent children sexually
   * Ephebophile: someone attracted to pubescent children or adolescents sexually
   * Pederast: adult male sexually attracted to pubescent males children or adolestents - subgroup of Ephebopiles
   * Hurtcore: non-consentual, bondage, crying
   * PTHC: preteen hardcore
   * PTSC: preteen softcore
   * UA: underage (typically prepubescent)
   * NN: non-nude
   * Loli/Lolipop: harder candy?
   * MCLT: "My Collection of Lolita Teens"
   * LG: little girl (older than baby and usually prepubescent)
   * LB: little boy (older than baby and usually prepubescent)
   * CL: child love/lust
   * GL: girl love/lust
   * BL: boy love/lust 

Of less common terms, "nymphet" and "faunlet" are opposite sex counterparts, the former being mentioned above. [edit] People and More [edit] Classic Commercial Child Nudity

1969. Blind Faith's Blind Faith cover features a topless 13 year old girl with budding breasts.

1973. Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy cover includes nude child photos of Stefan and Samantha Gates taken from behind. The album was banned in some United States southern states and in Spain.

1978. At 12, Brooke Shields appears nude in the film Pretty Baby. In the unedited (109 min) version, her butt and chest are shown throughout many scenes, and the top of her vaginal crease is shown in one scene.

1978. At 11, Karin Trentephol as Simona develops a sexual relationship with a man who takes shelter at Simona's home, you can see nude Simona in a complicated Italian drama "L'immoralità" by Massimo Pirri.

1979. Scorpions' Virgin Killer cover contains a fully nude, flat chested 12 year old girl. Her vagina barely obscured by a small star.

1981. Bow Wow Wow's Annabella Lwin poses nude from the back at 14 years old and fully nude at 15. [edit] Famous Pedophiles

Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to the charge of engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor. He actually is not a pedophile, that was just a one-time incident with a 14yo girls with her and her mother acceptance. Bear in mind in some countries the Age of Consent is as low as 14 (Germany), 13 (Spain) or even 12 (Vatican).

Gary Glitter, for possession of child pornography.

Lindsay Ashford: Former administrator of puellula.org, a pedophile self-help site with emphasis on living with pedophilia; Confessed pedophile who has not been shown to break any related laws.

Jack McClellan: Former administrator of stegl.org, a site regarding strategy to meeting pedophile desires; Confessed pedophile who was given a restraining order from all people under 18 in a class-action lawsuit. Other than because of the ridiculous restraining order which was impossible to follow, McClellan has not broken any related laws. Recently he has moved out of California and his location and activities are unknown.

Charlie Chaplin, the greatest comic, had an interesting life and numerous relationships with teenage girls like Lita Grey whom he met when she was 12. At 15, she was pregnant and later they married and had two children. Although many of his relationships with the girls resulted in a divorce (4 times) or a break-off, the marriage with Oona O'Neill (whom he met when she was 17) was a success, and they lived happily and had 8 children.

Lewis Carroll, or Charles Dodgson, the talanted writer and photographer, a friend of little girls. He liked to photograph some of them naked. [edit] Modern Commercial Child Nudity and Sexuality

Professional popular photographers such as David Hamilton, Sally Mann and Jock Sturges.

Black Cat: Scans of mostly Russian child nudity.

Child Models such as Sandra.

PTL-Models 2005 to 2006, model agency, managed by a couple. Known for the popular Inna Model, their daughter, with more than 7000 photos. The couple was arrested in 2006, although the rumours says that the complete family was murdered.

LS Studio, 2001 to August 2004, legally produced and distributed the nudes of children, aged around 8 to 15, with consent of both the child and the parent. Included some touching/lesbian/semi-hardcore in some of the older girls' sets and videos. Eventually shut down for getting too "extreme" and using increasingly younger girls.

Nudism, neither excluding nor precluding the participation of children.

HotLols included very sexy young fully nude girls, including Alesya. Other site names shot in the same apartment (probably by the same crew): LolsOnly, LolitasHouse, mylola.info, AmusingKids, CandyGirls and more.

Young Mama included full child pornography.

Lolita Fix. [edit] Modern Amateur Child Pornography (video)

[email protected] collections, including flipper, ballerina, doctors table and more. Named after infamous sex offender Richard Goldberg who was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list for almost five years.

Color Climax, the Danish company, was one of the biggest porn producers beginning in the late 60s and made child porn until it was finally banned in Denmark in 1979. Between 1979 and 2005, still a lot of jailbait stuff with 15+ year old girls was made.

BabyJ: 5-6 year old. From before 2000 to 2002, she, Francis Bidwell's (nickname DEAD) child, participated in child pornography, before being raided by Europol and the United States police.

Babyshi: Young toddler, heavily abused (hurtcore). Father caught.

lil lisa Very rare set of vids from the mid to late 90s involving a 7-8 year old girl.

falko: Your girl about 4-6 involved with 3 women and a man.

scargirl Young girl about 7-9 involved in videos with her father. Oral sex, masturbation and also some lesbian sex with another girl.

Nablot family: Three to four girls between 7 and 14. Lesbian, anal, cocksucking and masturbation.

Vicky (Kylie Freeman) produced numerous videos, including bondage until 12 years old, and later ratted out her father (Kenneth John Freeman).

Moscow family, group: Lots of Russian street girls in a hotel-room.

Moskow-45: Two teenaged girls and one adult guy; Series with presumably 16 original tapes and lots of remixes; Hardcore with extreme action (fisting), but no visible hurtcore.

K-girl: Cute and very young. Father caught.

Valya: Russian young preteen with long brown hair. Lots of cocksucking and clit-rubbing and occasional anal sex.

Irisa: Possibly younger sister of Valya, dark brown hair. Very similar content to Valya and shot in the same location, with the same man, but without any anal sex. Irisa is an enthusiatic cum swallower.

Jenny: Preteen blond who often wore a collar and famously used a dog. Seemed to enjoy sucking cock.

Tara: 5-9 year old. Penetration, cocksucking, assrape (some violent/hurtcore). Father caught. (James 'Bart' Huskey)

Stephie: 12 year old.

Laura: Young English girl. Uncle caught.

Alicia: Latina preteen with budding breasts, in hotel.

Cambodian Child Brothel: Multiple children aged 8 to 12 years, filmed by fat guy who made the trip of his life to Cambodia.

Sawadie: 12 year old Asian.

Jessie, Daddy's Girl: 12 years old. Mostly sucking cock, with one scene being fucked by daddy.

Masked Girl Appeared to be about 11 to 12 years old. An older female was masturbating her with dildos while a fat guy had her suck his cock, and fucked her. She always wore a black mask, except for a few scenes.

Daphne: 9+ year old, blond Rasta girl from YVM.

Liesa: 4 year old.

Kait: 5-7 year old girl named either kait,kathie,or kaitlyn,also known as ADLF sugar girl. peeing,cocksucking,and some penetration.

Dasha appeared in the "LordOftheRings" series, where she sucks cock in the forest, and gets masturbated on in a car.

Pae: Mother and young daughter.

Nadya: Young preteen in car, using pencil.

Viola: New series starting 2009 with a very dominant young girl.

Chiharu (full title: "関西援交 vol.45 千春", "Kansai Enkou vol. 45 Chiharu"): Stated to be 11 years old; the most famous model from the "Kansai Enkou" series of underground lolita videos (which eventually landed the two creators in over ten years of jailtime).

Madison: 3 year old girl in video tape found by Darren Tuck in the Nevada desert. Stills from the tape were released to the media in order to identify the molester, later found to be sex offender Chester Arthur Stiles. The video hasn't surfaced on the internet yet.

Sammy: 5-7yo Girl, Source of the famous "How do you get the pictures to the computer? It's called a usb line, I'll tell you about it later", A few videos exist, including one where she experiences a visible orgasm, a bunch of pics exist of her in the tub, on bed fully nude, , throughout the house, holding a cigarette (possibly smoking?), Masturbating, and giving blowjobs [edit] Modern Amateur Child Pornography (pictures only)

Kindergarten: Semi-pro, very young preteens (4-6 years old). Although this series is famous mostly for pictures, some small videos do exist.

felisha Girl about 10-11 who appeared in a variety of hc photos in the later 90's

Hea collared: Has a sister called Natasha, another picture series.

Jan / Feba (Marissa): Placed in a dog cage (and there are videos).

Masha, also known as Disney Girl, famously appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Scar Girl: Known due to the stomach scar.

Tori: Older preteen.

Haley: 10 year old.

Bri: Cute, smiling preteen in a hotel room.

Photos by Carl: Family from South America, including preteen penetration. [edit] Boy Stuff

There is much more that can be added by someone more knowledgeable. [edit] Video production [edit] Hardcore

   * KDV (Kuznetsova Dmitri Vladimirovicha) - Russian boys, some solo, some gay.
   * RBV (Russian Boy Vids) - Almost identical content to KDV.
   * Russian Flowers "RF" - Russian boys, hardcore and some softcore.
   * Thief's Punishment "TP" - Russian boy, hardcore and hurtcore/BDSM (allegedly coerced/non-consensual).
   * PJK - Almost all young boys from 70's Color Climax, sometimes performing with a teenager. Mostly hardcore. 

[edit] Softcore

   * Azov is the major softcore boys video producer nowdays, it is based in Russia. It produces many different series realisations, as well as many DVDs burning of old cinema movies depicting boys and hard to find nowdays.
   * Krivon is a russian photograph studio specialised on boys nudes and non nudes, some videos where produced - mostly taken during photo sessions.
   * Boy Fights is a russian serie realized under Azov productions. It depicts groups of boys playing fights or tickling, mostly in the nudes, in a big house transformed in professional studio or in the outsides. Most of them are produced in very high quality format. 

[edit] Photo production [edit] Hardcore

   * Nathan is an amateur photographer from Venezuela (South America) who owns a big house in the country. He invited many boys during some years in the 90's and they lived here mostly in the nude, sometimes engaged in sexual intercourse. Thousands of photographs were taken then: the softcore ones were diffused over the internet by the end of the 90's, hardcore ones ten years later. The most well known of Nathan's boys, a blond named John, seems to have died in the middle of the 90's because of a genetic illness.
   * Sach&Andr is a series of photos (and a couple of short videos) taken by a Russian pedophile of numerous boys engaged in sexual intercourse with him or between themselves. The first photos to be diffused were from two boys named Sacha and Andrew, probably brothers, around the begining of 2000: there were softcore, but hardcore ones were diffused some years after along with photos of many other boys. 

[edit] Softcore

   * Johny proudly presents (JPP) is a very big series of scans of boys magazines from the 1970s and 80s, they've been spread over the internet since the beginning of the 90s. 

[edit] Nudism/naturism

   * Jeunes et Naturels was a franco-german naturist magazine edited in the 90's specialized in children and teens - boys and girls. They closed themselves on 1996 after the european emotion of Dutroux affair, but scans of all the magazines are diffused over the internet. 

[edit] Non nude

   * Made to Model is a professional photography serie of boys and some girls, in a fashion style, produced in France and England. The knownest model of this serie is a french boy named Florian: thousand of photos have been taken of him.
   * Meet the Models is a big serie of a group of asian boys produced in Thaïland. Producers claimed to organize meetings between the models and occidental photographers for them to take new photos. 

[edit] 3D virtual production [edit] Other productions (drawing, visual arts...) [edit] Drawings [edit] Mangas

Japanese culture produced many pedophile erotic mangas, some of them depicting boys (Shotacons). [edit] Jailbait

For the sake of simplicity, jailbait is defined as being in range between the onset of puberty and reaching age 18, in accordance with the US federal definition.

Nearly all non-pedophile heterosexual males experience attraction to adolescents and post-pubescent girls in general, although they generally tend to lie about it. In their porn, the true nature of their desire is reflected, which tends to optimize around 15 year old girls. However, in the US, law and social stigma often cause them to only pursue material of those over 18, though they may look younger. How do they get what they want without facing public scrutiny? Amateur porn, of course. Amateur porn is usually produced with no documentation regarding the identity of the producer and as a result there is no way to know the age. Furthermore, pornography involving those aged 14-17 is common and readily available as long as the age is unknown and it isn't too obvious (which is heavily plausible since a sufficiently mature, often unusually busty, underage girl can be indistinguishable from a fully grown, very young woman, especially on camera). Contrary to most material of prepubescents, most jailbait porn/exhibition is produced by and for people under the age of 18 with their own equipment.


Psycho Girl spread virally pretty much everywhere on the internet. Anyone who was into porn in 2005 probably saw it. She was supposedly 14 when produced.

Dez had sex several times on cam with her similarly aged boyfriend live on Stickam. She was 16 at the time. Now 18 and working as a professional pornstar - no joke. Her porn name is "Kasey Chase" or "Casey Chase", depending on what site you visit, and probably a joking reference to another well-known Stickam camwhore.

sxc_ciara did three nude feeds on Stickam. Her age is unknown but obviously 13-15.

Dee&desi Famous video of 2 girls between 12-15 young boy age 12-13 and 2 older men.

Miss M, famous Something Awful user, did a masturbation video when her rumored age was 17 (but was probably 15-ish). Her brother is a fag because he was watching TV while his sister was doing a striptease.

Spoons, age unknown, did a masturbation video with a "spoiled rotten" shirt on. Probably around 13 years old.

cluelez. Unfortunately all images held EXIF data, so her personal information was found and published (by /b/). Her age was 15.

xspectacullargoodbyes (Jessica Laurens), also known as Teen Queen, jessmurder and passionist. Some of her pictures were also in beverlyhillgurl's photobucket. There is various speculation regarding her age but it is generally agreed upon that she was 15 at the time.

balloonpoppop: 15 year old emo girl whose photobucket account got hacked yielding n00ds for /b/.

There is a lot out there that is underage but the age is not known so it can't be listed here. Any porn collection is likely to have some in it but they can't be "famous jailbait" because we don't know their age. [edit] Non-nude child models

Candydoll An interesting twist on child modeling, it combines cosplay with little girls, making it the ultimate otaku fap material. Girls, 10-14, and non-Asian!.

Cindymodel She was one of the pioneers, probably the most famous and unfortunately also one of the hardest to find rips of, especially videos. As of 2008, she was around 17 but she started circa 2002.

FR Eastern Productions This one is kind of a new "kid" on the block, a handful of girls 4-14.

Vlad Models A Russian "Modeling Agency," one of the hardest to get, with an unusual production method. The girls are sold as "sets" rather than "sites." Each "set" costing from a mere 30 bucks to as much as 100 (due to the dollar falling, as they think they need to raise prices). As most of the material is from a year ago, the price increase wasn't justified and they lost a lot of business in 2007-2008. They speak the funniest "engrish" ever. Never give them your e-mail address (or a fake one) they will constantly spam you asking you to "Fill account money up, we have new sexy girl for looking at. Hope to hear answer soon." Known to do nude customs of girls. Most of all girls will do nudity, but only topless and with scantly clad thongs or seethrough pantyhose (with no panties). Full nude customs are almost never leaked in to the clearnet, while topless and seethrough are commonly leaked. There are people known as "vladfags" who compulsively troll groups and report people who post leaked customs (which most of the time they claim them as there own). A new form of heroes has arisen in the age of Vlad, "Vlad heroes", as they are called, work their way into Vlad communities or "privately trade" with buyers and then fuck them over and post the customs they got on Usenet or one of the *chans. This is a common practice as the "serious" guys cant understand English and are easily fooled.

Fantasia-models or Dream-models (there are other aliases). Occasionally have a site up, very close to nude, often with manipulation of clothing to tease, all video. had a list of videos for sale hosted somewhere, where you can order them. Range from 20 to 350 dollars (like the black-hilo). Models include:

         o Aiy, who looks anywhere from 10 to 13, many sexual videos. A couple involve genital flashing, is discreetly nude in shower video and one hard to find blue nightgown video where she takes off her underpants. 
   * Daisy, 12 to 14.
   * Ceja, 6 to 8, very sexual for her age.
   * Rosy, Ruby and Ria - 7 to 12, often have videos together.
   * Priscilla, 10 to 12.
   * Blanca, 14 to 17. 

RebelSCSM 'Rebel Shooter's modeling agency, employing Miss-Bonita, Miss-Bianca, Miss-Nahla, Miss-Brooke, Miss-Kimmy and the much better-known Miss-Alli. Ostensibly non-nude, but some content can be very erotic, especially Miss Alli's, who has posed (with photographic trickery) nude below the waist and fully nude but covered in paint. The site sells special custom sets ("Rebel Art"), including videos for a while, but have since been taken down. [edit] Non-nude jailbait

Such a list would be pretty frustrating to fill out as I would have to sort through images (which is not very productive in terms of space), someone else do it.

Cracky-chan - Some nudes of her were released but they were "artistic", never really released any images intended to be sexy. The real brunt of her value was that she was stalked hardcore by /b/ and became a meme all camwhores try to follow.

Rabbit-chan - Pictures like Cracky-chan but non-nudes. Retrieved from "http://hiddenw3s6tmzdwo.onion/wiki/index.php?title=History_of_CP" Categories: Pedo | Documentation

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